Anderson & Associates, PC recognizes certain groups that are making tremendous positive changes to the community.  Learn more about these groups by reading below:

The Up Center -  This group matches adult mentors to children in need of a positive role model in their life.  A group call Big Brothers dissolved many years ago with this mission and the Up Center took this very important role.  Attorney Anderson was the first adult match over 12 years ago to a young man who was in middle school at the time.  The Up Center took tremendous time in matching Attorney Anderson with his mentee and because the fit was so perfect, the results on both parties were very positive.   In his own words, Attorney Anderson says:

"As I was mentoring I often received praise from peers that I was giving back. However, what was really happening is that my mentee was helping me learn things about myself and he was actually pouring positiveness into my life. We complimented each others lives, and now my mentee is a thriving student at JMU and we are very close friends to this day.  My life would not be the same if it were not for this experience.  I may have helped guide a young man into adulthood, but his impact on my life was just as positive and substantial." 

To learn more about how you can get involved with the Up Center and change a child's life, visit:

Tidewater Youth Services Foundation - This group supports Tidewater Youth Services Commission which provides group housing to displaced youth in Hampton Roads.  Last year Attorney Anderson was asked to speak at 3 group homes to provide a basic seminar on legal rights. Having never been to a group home, the unknown factor was certainly on his mind.  Rough kids.. Disrespectful.. Will they even care or listen?  Those were general thoughts he had as he was preparing. However, what he found were kids 12-17 years old who were very bright, articulate and engaging. In his own words:

"After each meeting, I left with a sense of deep humbleness and gratitude that this organization is stepping up and filling a void by providing group housing for the displaced youth of Hampton Roads. The counselors cared and they made the most out of limited resources.  Last year when I spoke to the kids, it was at Christmas. These kids were not getting Christmas presents from anyone, so I asked if we could have a list of a single item each child wanted. When I got the list, I didn't see one single child as for an electronic device or a toy.. Each child asked for clothing.  A winter jacket.  New underwear. A new pair of shoes. It was very humbling.  We were able to provide each child with the clothing item they requested.  Within 6 months I was fully engaged with supporting this group."

You can learn more about the foundation by clicking here.

Also, a major fundraiser that that the foundation engages in each year is called the Santa Clause Shuffle which is a 5K and 1 mile fun run that is held in December.   Click here to signup.

The raffle tickets for the Redskins v. Panther fundraiser can be found here:

Seton Youth Shelters - Serving all of Hampton Roads, Seton Youth Shelters provides 24-hour emergency shelter for youth ages 9-17 years old and in special cases for 18 year olds. This program serves runaway and homeless youth and youth in crisis within their family, school and/or community. Seton Youth Shelters operates two gender-specific shelters in Virginia Beach, one for boys and girls. In our shelters, residents are provided youth advocacy and individual/family crisis counseling.  One of the associate attorneys, Shawn Mihill got involved in the mentoring program and was assigned to a child who's parent was long term incarcerated.  Shawn got involved with this program because he saw the need to feed positive role modeling into a child who, for no fault of his own, does not have that with his own natural father.  Shawn has been with the group for over a year now, and engages with the child weekly.  In his own words:

"Its amazing to see the impact that just a few hours a month can have on a young person. Being  a positive role model for someone who may be lacking that influence is a terrific experience for mentor and mentee alike" 

To learn more about Seton Youth, click here:

The shelter has a major fundraiser in October each year called the Fashion Show and Luncheon. If you would like more information on how to get involved, contact Jennifer Sieracki at